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General Info

STARTING with the 2001 NRHA Futurity, we have been shooting digital photos. While we still have our approximately 300,000 negatives, all our current work is digital.

THE PRINTING PROCESS for digital is completely different than for film. Some things are better and some are not. In many ways, it is not as "instant" as many people think. Not if you want to have a precise filing system. We have given our pricelist a complete overhaul. You will be paying a little more for the first print and a little less for many of the duplicates. You will have to buy an 8" x 10" or larger before you can buy anything smaller. This has been the standard practice in our industry almost forever.

DIGITAL RETOUCHING makes some things easier, but other things are just as tedious as with conventional methods. We will retouch eyes at no extra charge. You will be charged for any complex retouching you request. As before, we will improve the picture but not alter your horse's conformation.

PLEASE NOTE that High Resolution digital images can be sent on CDs or emailed to bonafide graphic designers and publications. Low Resolution (72 ppi) images for web use can be sent to you.

DELIVERY TIME varies with the workload which is heaviest from September through Christmas. At all times, if you have a deadline - advertising, birthday, Christmas, etc., you MUST state it on your order. We cannot be held responsible for missed deadlines as many factors are involved, but we will do our best to get your pictures to you when you need them. Orders will be typed and sorted by priority. Please plan accordingly.

WE CAN FRAME your portrait in a style complementary to your furnishings. Please see frames page.

WHEN ORDERING BY PHONE please have your credit card ready. Pictures will not be mailed without payment unless prior credit has been established.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express

Wisconsin residents will be charged appropriate
County Sales Tax. Please state your county.