2011 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of SE Wisconsin

Note: Some dogs are listed under two numbers.

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175 Abbey Road Penney Lane
146 Adesa's Name That Tune
178 Ahquabi's Fergus the First
145 Ahquabi's Garbanzo
107 Alpencross Playing With Fire
225 Anastasia Noble Prince
153 Avalon Mist Lady of the Lake
229 Avalon Mist Lady of the Lake
162 Barberry Ilsa's Jazzy Design
239 Barberry Ilsa's Jazzy Design
166 Bernbrae's Grand Finale
242 Blumoon Folie a Deux
125 Blumoon's Steamboat Willie
152 Brighteye In Her Iz
211 Brighteye In Her iz
221 Brighteye Star Watcher
208 Brighteye Whole Latte Love
149 Brookhaven's Miracle Maya on Stonehill
124 Brookhill's J Northern Lights v Northcote
218 Brookhill's J Northern Lights v Northcote
193 Brookhill's Jillian
139 Brookhill's Karisma
138 Brookhill's Kicking up a Highlands's Celidh
114 Bugzier's Jetten To The Top
197 Cameo's Centerfold
103 Cameo's Chippendale v Tasa
222 Castlemtn's American Camelot
199 Chaska Van't Stokerybos
164 Country Wings No More Credit
109 Crystal Creek c Davenmare's Long Haul
161 De-Li's It's Got To Be You v Leidmar
220 Dou-hil's A Cold One Michelob
140 Fanaberner'ns Thelma Toulouse
156 Fire & Flame AV Hiselfoss
151 Fleur v.d Buut Vrij Hoeve
172 Full Moon Best Kept Secret
173 Full Moon's Streak of Lightning
194 Garissa's Steal A Piece Of Time
134 Goldmine Surprise Package
184 Great Lakes Danish Treasure
180 Great Lakes It's All Greek To Me
196 Great Lakes Nubian Princess
148 Great Lakes Rock n Roll Party Queen
174 Hansennen's Diamond
179 Harlan Van't Pachthof
181 Hickory's Breaking The Ice
155 Hipi van't Stokerybos
101 Holiday's Chicago Gangster
190 Horton's Bays Just Wild About
111 Indian Hill's Ride The Dragon v Legend Rigi
116 Jaberwock's Joyous Chortle
195 Jaberwock's Mad Hatter
119 Jaberwock's Mighty Goliath Titan
141 Julia Van't Bugziere
110 Kameridge's Gaelic Star
188 Lewa's Old Dan Tucker
122 Lewa's Take The Points
158 Liberty High Society
131 Liebenhund's Trulli A Princess
189 Liebenhund's Who's Your Daddy
165 Merlin The Magi
177 Nashems He's The Man of Woodmor
132 Northcote's Alpine Dancer ll
120 Northfork Name of the Game
206 Pinnacle Grand Diamond Gem
213 Pinnacle Incredible Investment
233 Sandusky's Jackpot v Meipaw
203 Sanlee's Basil in the Mix
204 Sanlee's Mint Julip
201 Schwarten's Gem Of Winmara
117 Sendache's Moving Heaven and Earth at Tristar
170 Sendache's Sacred Dancer
186 Sendache's X-mas X-Change v Astia
169 Serendipity Accidental Tourist
150 Serendipity Fancy Cash v Kardon
121 Serendipity Mojo Reizin
214 Serendipity Mojo Reizin
143 Serendipity Spending Spree
237 Serendipity Storm The Trent
104 Shadowdance JJCale v Plainsong
144 Shepherdspatch Joluna Blue
123 Shepherdspatch Kane
192 Shepherdspatch Kiss Me Kwik
212 Shepherdspatch Kiss me Kwik
115 Shepherdspatch Mr. Fibber McGee
142 Shepherdspatch Nelly
183 Snowcap's Mufasa
182 Snowcap's The Golden Ticket
207 Starkenhund Feelin That Morning Buzz
118 Stonehill Fight'in Irish Rudy Bear
228 Stonehill Motown Lion
187 Stonehill's Boulder The Egg-Cellent
171 Stonehill's Bright Mesaverde
168 Stonehill's Dreamboat Annie
130 Stonehill's GIDGET is Mint Tea
137 Stonehill's Jade Is The One and Only
147 Stonehill's Star SAPHIRE from India
160 Stonehill's Stars In Her Eyes
216 Stonehill's Stars In Her Eyes
126 Stonehill's Wish Upon A Star
105 Stonehills in the Nick of Tyme
219 Talkabout A Big Bang Boom
238 Thistledown Sonnenfeuer v Lowenzehn
223 Trillium Classique She's A Brickhouse
245 Unknown
248 Unknown
129 Wemja Woods Gabriella La Bonita
102 Wemja Woods Northern Defender
128 Wemja Woods Zest For Life
112 Weyrbern's Gordon and Howe
154 White River Blue Frost
157 Wynsome's Miera Miera on the Wall
176 Wynsome's Noble Knight
163 Wynsome's Sheza Brickhaus
136 Wynsome's Shot in the Dark