2012 Bernese Mtn Dog Club of SE Wisconsin

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214 Adesa Spin The Bottle
223 Adesa's Name That Tune
196 Adesa's Politically Correct Casmor
112 Adesa's Reindeer Games
118 Adesa's Time For Tunes
127 Adesa's Time For Tunes
128 Alpencross Playing With Fire
178 Alpenspirit Esme Lac Brome
104 Alpenspirit Sweet Celebration
165 Arundel's Pay The Piper
180 Astia's Can't Touch This v Sendache
213 Avatar's Try Try Again
137 Avatars Oop's I Did It Again With Brassring
120 Azure's A Tuck In Line Makes Nine
225 Azure's Deuce To Seven
173 Bellavita's Springtime Iris
182 Bernergarden's I Like A Dag
201 Bernergarden's Painted Daisy
116 BK's Baloo-Berry Starrburst
134 BK's Very Berry Bodacious Berner
190 Blumoon Folie a Deux
205 Blumoon's Steamboat Willie
239 Brighteye In Her Iz
236 Brighteye Whole Latte Love
262 Brighteye Wind Talker
154 Brookhill's MICA Movin on to Stonehill
184 Brookhills Kicking Up A Highland's Celidh
124 Bugziere's Jetten To The Top
186 Bull Valley's Special Blend v Shadai
228 Cameo's Centerfold
131 Cameo's Chippendale v Tasa
108 Cameo's Pants On Fire
155 Castle Mtn's Lady Antebellum
147 Centerfold Love's Got Me On My Knees
139 Centerfold's All You Need Is Love
189 Chaska Van't Stokerybos
121 Cornelius Moravian Hurricane
187 Crystal Creek She's All That
176 De-Li's Sweet Surprise
191 Dou-Hil's Alucious Dream
220 Fanaberner'ns Thelma Toulouse
175 Fleur v Buut Vrij Hoeve
198 Full Moon Best Kept Secret
194 Full Moon's Moonlit Sonata
219 Garissa's Steal A Piece Of Time
148 Goldmine She's a Shore Centerfold
106 Goldmine Who's Your Man
203 Great Lakes Danish Treasure
204 Great Lakes It's All Greek To Me
229 Great Lakes Nubian Princess
216 Greenway's Test Of Time
132 Gweebarra's No-No Nanette
210 Harlan Van't Pachthof
258 Harlan Van't Pachthof
164 Harmony RG Marching Cadence Rhythm
209 Harmony's Legond Of Sleepy Hollow
257 Harmony's Legond Of Sleepy Hollow
185 Hickory's Breaking The Ice
101 Hickory's Playing It Cool
153 Holiday's You Had Me Ar Merlot
206 Horton Bay's Just Wild About
221 Horton Bay's Weather Report
122 J&N's Navarre's Legacy
145 J&N's Zartlich Steifftier von Thistledown
138 Jaberwock's Great Lake Back By Popular Demand
215 Jaberwock's Joyous Chortle
200 Jaberwock's Perfect Spiral
109 Jaberwock's Thurber's In The Cat Bird Seat
150 Jaberwock's VA VA VA Voom
152 Jenda's Hanky Panky
161 Jenda's Happy Hour
171 Jenda's Victoria Secret v Holiday
211 Kameridge's Gaelic Star
119 Kameridge's Ring Of Kerry
263 Legends Heart Of Garissa
146 Liberty's Peyton Place
169 Liebenhund's Trulli A Princess
217 Liebenhund's Who's Your Daddy
170 Northcote's Alpine Dancer ll
114 Northfork Name Of The Game
151 Northfork's Happy New Year
159 Northforks Happy New Year
240 Pinnacle's Incredible Investment
166 Plainsong's Ruby Red Cloud
179 Plainsong's Virtuoso v Summit
188 Rusty Knoll's She Imagined Me
177 Sanlee's Mint Julip
144 Serendipity Alpstadt Peacenik
140 Serendipity Because Of You At Rusty Knoll
163 Serendipity Spending Spree
143 Serendipity Zivalicious
129 Shadowdance JJCale v Plainsong
222 Shepherdspatch Kiss Me Kwik
123 Shepherdspatch Mr Fibber McGee
174 Shepherdspatch Nala
227 Shepherdspatch Nelly
158 Sidori's Heartbreaker
167 Skylyn's Party Of One
149 Skylyn's Shock Wave
156 Snowbound's Moonlight Basin
237 Starkenhund Feelin That Morning Buzz
208 Stonehill's Boulder The Egg-Cellent
264 Stonehill's Bright Cortez
199 Stonehill's Bright Mesa Verde
192 Stonehill's Diamond Is Gouda
157 Stonehill's High-Jinks Heidi Of Castlemtn
107 Stonehill's No Foolin Otis
126 Stonehill's Wish Upon A Star
241 Talkabout A Big Bang Boom
197 Thistledown Sonnenfeuer Lowenzehn
113 Timbrdg's Promethean's Fyre v Windfall
160 Trueheart's Diamond In The Fall
207 Villairns Hat Trick v Avatar
133 Wemja Woods Eleonore Ellie
115 Wemja Woods Northern Defender
181 Windfall's Got The Life
212 Wingfield's Lasso The Moon
172 Wynsome's Sheza Brickhaus
162 Wynsome's Shot In The Dark
224 Zanzebern Remember Mtn Spirit