2010 BMDCSEW Regional Specialties

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[Gold Bar]
284 Abbey Roads Penney Lane
206 Aliehs It's Ok To Stare
361 Alpenspirit's Bon Jovi
269 Am/Can Ch. Abbey Road RK Sampson
155 Auer Country's American Eagle Talon v Stout
156 Avalon Mist Lady Of the Lake
204 BarBerry Ilsa's Jazzy Design
254 Bernhaven's Princess Natasha
212 BK's Goddess Of The Galaxy
276 Blue Mts Ticket To Paradise
111 Blumoon's Steamboat Willie
236 Brianna V.'T Rijkenspark
246 Brighteye Pozole Sundance
354 Brighteye Star Watcher
418 Brighteye Wind Talker
121 Brookhaven's Apollo's Bright Light On Stonehill
158 Brookhaven's Miracle Maya On Stonehill
119 Brookhill's J Northern Lights V Northcote
240 Brookhill's Jillian
200 Bugziere's In Vogue
220 Cameo's Girl Next Door
105 Cameo's One Night Stand
222 Cameo's Playmate
182 CasMor's Because She's Worth It Avatar
252 Castlemtn First Lady
370 Castlemtn First Lady
250 Castlemtn Great Comunicator Adesa
368 Castlemtn Great Comunicator Adesa
384 Castlemtn's American Camelot
226 Castlemtn's American Camelot RN
326 Ch Stonehill's Dreamboat Annie
328 Ch. Serendipity Tickled My Fancy
330 Ch. Stonehill's One To Wow'Em
332 Ch.Astia's Waterfall Miss Adesa
317 Ch.Avatar's Try Try Again
278 Ch.Bayley Van De Weyenberg
263 Ch.Bernbrae's Grand Finale
321 Ch.Blue Mt's Here's Lookn At You
369 Ch.Bugziere's Fenwick's Do Right
340 Ch.Cameo's Lap Dance
261 Ch.Country Wings No More Credit
334 Ch.Dou-Hil's Alucious Dream
348 Ch.Dou-Hil's Alucious Dream
287 Ch.Ebnet's Quirin
299 Ch.Frodo Tames
324 Ch.Garissa's Steal A Piece Of Time
303 Ch.Hickory's Breaking The Ice
315 Ch.Jendas Force Of Nature
280 Ch.Keilissa's Feature Presentation
267 Ch.Keilissa's In White Satin Armor
319 Ch.Keilissa's One Of The Gang
307 Ch.Legends Heart Of Garissa
282 Ch.Liebenhund's Stehlen Dein Herz
259 Ch.Rogel's My Delsin B of Nightime
293 Ch.Sandusky Tanzen mit Thistledown
274 Ch.Sendache's Sacred Dancer
305 Ch.Sendache's X-mas X-Change v Astia
272 Ch.Serendipity Accidental Tourist
285 Ch.Sidori Rainin Cats L'Watsons
289 Ch.Skylyn's Killian Red
323 Ch.Stonehill's Benson Hawkeye
311 Ch.Stonehill's Boulder The Egg-Cellent
416 Ch.Stonehill's Dreamboat Annie
313 Ch.Stonehill's Jack Dudley
297 Ch.Summit's Lord Greystoke v Loriendell
364 Ch.Thistledown Wandern Mit Winifred
309 Ch.Wynsome's High Velocity
291 Ch.Wynsome's Noble Knight
153 Copeland's Royalty Back In a Flash
115 Fanabernerns Eryc Eligio
230 Fleur vd Buut Vrij Hoeve
125 Fourpaw's Lasting Impression
168 Goldmine Natural Remedy
109 Great Lakes It's All Greek To me
139 Harlan Van't Pachthof
133 Hickory's All Steamed Up
151 Hickory's Clear and Convincing Evidence
176 Hid'nOaks Whispering Ivy
216 Hidnoaks One True Friend
113 Holiday's Packer Van't Stokerybos
244 Jaberwock's Well Worth The Wait
218 Jura's Premier Vintage Margaux v Hickory
196 Keilissa's Everlasting Memories
143 L-Sin's Abrazzo v Landmark
188 L-Sin's Shiloh v Shadai
172 Liberty High Society
178 Liberty Throwdown
256 Maverickvillairn Practycalmagk
184 Memories Livia Drusilla Julia Augusta
117 Memories The Sky's The Limit
107 Northfork Name Of the Game
180 Northfork's Super Trouper
164 Owl Creeks A Mid Summer Night's Dream
419 Owl Creeks Summer Of Magic
355 Pinnacle Grand Diamond Gem
242 Sandusky Toll Haus Tourist v Thistledown
366 Sandusky's Jackpot v Miepaw
135 Sanduskys Tuckered Tourist v Thistledown
349 Sanlee's Basil In The Mix
350 Sanlee's Mint Julip
160 Serendipity Fancy Cash v Kardon
127 Serendipity Mojo Reizin
103 Serendipity Payment Over Due
198 Serendipity Peacetalk Alpstadt
162 Serendipity Spending Spree
147 Shepherdspatch Kane
192 Skylyn's Party Of One
214 Skylyn's Quimera
363 Stonehill Motown Lion
174 Stonehill's Mounds of Pixie Stix
137 Stonehill's Mr Playboy King Of Castlemtn
149 Stonehill's Picture Perfect Holiday
232 Stonehill's Pumpkin Pie
210 Stonehill's Star Saphire from INDIA
101 Stonehill's Wish Upon A Star
186 Talmont's Nevada Alpenglow
224 Thistledown Yn Your Ylement
170 Trio's Anya
234 Villairns Oktober Gem of Glory
248 Wemja Woods My Wynsome Ruby
145 Winrow's Arcturus
129 Winrow's Bamse
208 Wyndrifts Steal Your Heart Away
194 Wynsome's Miera Miera on the Wall
190 Wynsome's Sheza Brickhaus
238 Zanzebern Remember Mtn Spirit