Before and After Photo Retouching

How will my finished pictures look?

You should look at web and paper proofs as "information" or "content" only. Even before digital, there was much we could do to enhance prints in the darkroom. Now, the sky’s the limit.

Certain areas in the pictures can be lightened or darkened. Of course color will be corrected and images will be cropped and leveled. In all pictures I try to "tidy up"; pick up trash, clean walls, remove cobwebs, and minimize objectionable background around the horse's head.

Many picture parts are interchangeable: eyes, ears, faces and dirt.

Much of this work is routine and included in the cost of the image. Major background changes cost extra.

The examples below should help you choose an image. Any questions, call or email me, Barb Waltenberry.

Mouth closed, artifact removed and image brightened.
Horse same color as dirt. Brighter image snaps horse out from background somewhat. Wall 'tidied up'.
Mouth, eyes and garbage patrol.
This one was nasty - or maybe it's a case of yawning while circling.
Horse against trees is seldom a good idea. Can't beat blue sky and clouds even if Wisconsin clouds and Texas horse.
Busy, unattractive background changed to total fantasy. This was fun.
Original show photo taken in 1988 on film. Outdoor background captured digitally in 2004.
A little piece of whimsy here. If you think Squiggy, at six weeks old, stood like a perfect little statue, guess again.